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Project Brief


The multi-genre festival NOUMEN ART (from the Greek. Noumenon - the intelligible) is an international cultural event, presenting to the knowledgeable audience the most artistic and advanced talent, created by people in different countries in the field of modern music, stage and screen art, fine art and synthesis of arts.


The festival consists of charitable, cultural and entertainment events, exhibitions, film and video viewings, online and publishing events. The festival has the opportunity of attending events free of charge, as well as the free distribution of multimedia products containing festival materials. The festival will hold round tables with the participation of the press on current issues of contemporary art and culture in general.


At the stage of its renewal, the NOUMEN ART festival, combines its previous formats, expands the geography of its presence, which will enable the festival s target audience to become more closely acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of contemporary art of various countries and people. Expansion of trends and genres within the framework of the festival s general orientation to experiment and generate new creative understanding of national and ethnic artistic traditions is intended to promote active international exchange of artistic ideas, becoming a kind of transnational creative laboratory that initiates and generates new projects in the field of art.







Nils Petter Molvaer Group(jazz fusion, Norway), Terje Rypdal Group (fusion, Norway), Palle Mikkelborg (jazz fusion, Denmark), Arild Andersen (new-jazz, jazz fusion, Norway), Tommy Smith (jazz, UK), Eivind Aarset(fusion, Norway), Audun Erlien(jazz fusion, Norway), Erland Dahlen (fusion, experimental music, Norway), Welte Holte (fusion, experimental music, Norway), Trygve Seim  (jazz fusion, etno-fusion, experimental music, Norway), Mats Eilertsen (jazzfusion, etno-fusion, Norway), Kristjan Randalu (ethno-fusion, worlg-jazz, folk-rock, Estonia), Markku Ounaskari (ethno-fusion, Finland), Sainkho Namchylak (ethno-fusion,worlg-jazz, folk-rock, Austria), Evelina Petrova (ethno-fusion, Norway-Russia, Misha Alperin s widow), Roberto Dani (jazz fusion, improvisational music, Italy), Thierry Zaboitzeff (ex-Art Zoyd, progrock, Austria-France), Duet Two Siberians (folk-rock, art-rock, goatika, Russia), The Volga ethno-group and Angela Manukyan (ethno-fusion, folk-rock, Russia), Tanya Balakirskaya (jazz, ethno-fusion, Russia), Yuriy Yaremchuk (fusion, jazz fusion, Ukraine), Sasha Pushkin (improvisational music, Germany-Russia),  Guram Machavariani (psy-jazz, jazz-fusion, post-rock, Georgia), Irakli Sanadiradze (jazz-fusion, Georgia), TimeLess Trip (exclusive experimental psybient audio journey, Russia), Alesia WhiteBird (improvisational vocal, psy-jazz, ethno-rock, Russia), Roksana Smirnova (ethno-fusion, folk-jazz, Ukraine-China), Misha Kalinin (jazz fusion, Ukraine-China), Alokesh Chandra & Olga Barkovskaya (ethno-fusion, India-Austria-Russia), Evgeny Masloboev (creation of psycho-acoustic mirrors, Russia), Dario Dolci (jazz fusion, improvisational music, Argentina), Osvaldo La Porta (jazz fusion, improvisational music, Argentina), Max Roudenko & KUBIKMAGGI (experimental music, Russia), Alexey Borisov (noiz, Russia), Vadim Petrenko (noiz, synthesis of arts, Russia), Alexander Senko (noise, visual installations, Russia).



Other types of art, synthesis of arts:


Almagul Melnibayeva (performance, installation, painting, Kazakhstan), Bakhyt Bubikanova (painting, installation, Kazakhstan), Askhad Akhmedyarov (installations, Kazakhstan), Saule Suleimenova(collages, installations, Kazakhstan), Syrlybek Bekbotaev (photo painting, installation, Kazakhstan), Evgeniy 'netzz' Afonin (video installations, performance, noiz, Russia), Altai Sadikh-zade (installations, painting, Azerbaijan), Leni Smoragdova (painting, collages, installations, Israel), Valera & Natasha Cherkashiny (photo painting, installation, Russia), Gunhild Bj rnsgaard & Marcelino Martin Valiente (contemporary dance, performance, Norway), Project NIHIL, dir. Anastasia Shcherbakova (butoh, mimodrama, Russia), Svyatoslav Ponomarev & PURBA (performance, tibetan ritual music, Russia), Valentin Tszin & Das Gegenteil (butoh, Germany).