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Attending an event

Discover events on the Eventbrite iPhone app

Use the Eventbrite app to browse and search for events by date, location, and category. Tap the heart icon next to events you like to add them to your favorites. You can also follow event organizers, register for events, and view your tickets. Help is available for Android users, too.

Find events to attend

1. See recommended and popular events.

The “house” icon in the footer is your Home tab. Tap the city location (under “What’s good in”) to enter a new city or browse online events. To recognize your current location at any time, enable location services on the iOS device (Settings > Eventbrite > Location).

2. Browse by category in Search.

The “magnifying glass” icon in the footer is your Search tab. Choose a category under “And I’m in the mood for”. Click “Find things to do!” to see the list of events and filter by relevance, date, or type of registration.

Like and share events, and follow organizers

1. Like events from Home, Search, or the event listing.

Tap the “heart” icon next to an event to add it to your “Favorites”. You can find it later under the “heart” icon in the footer. Keep in mind that liking an event is not the same as registering for an event.

2. Share events from Home, Search, or the event listing.

  • Home — Tap the “up-facing arrow” icon.

  • Search — Tap the “up-facing arrow” icon.

  • Event listing — Tap the “three-dot menu" icon (top-right) and choose “Share this event”.

3. Follow organizers to receive updates on upcoming events.

  • Follow organizers: Tap an event to visit the event listing. Then scroll to the “Organizer” section and tap “Follow”.

  • Manage organizers you follow: go to “Favorites” (tap the “heart” icon in the app footer) and select “Organizers”. Tap “Following” if you would like to unfollow an organizer.

  • Manage email preferences: go to Email Preferences on your desktop to manage email notifications.

Buy tickets

1. Buy tickets or register (on the event listing).

2. Select a quantity of tickets. Then click "Checkout" or “Register”.

For events with a seating map, mobile registrations usually get the best available seat assigned by default. If you see the option to pick a seat, you can choose another place to sit by tapping a different seat.

3. Enter required information and tap "Place Order" or "Register".

If you logged in with your email and password, some information is automatically pulled from your Eventbrite profile (“person” icon in the footer). Choose “Pay Now” or “Register” to complete the order.

4. Receive your tickets and order confirmation.

Access your tickets in the Eventbrite app (tap the “ticket” icon in the footer), save them as an image, or add them to Apple Wallet. Order confirmation emails are sent to the email address entered during registration.

Find tickets and edit your profile

1. View tickets and registration information.

Tap the “tickets” icon (in the footer) to view tickets to upcoming and past events. Select a specific ticket to:

  • See your registration name and ticket type

  • Confirm event date and location

  • Add the event to your calendar • View the event

  • Save the ticket as an image, add to Apple Wallet, or show the QR code for scanned entry at the event

TIP: Swipe right to view additional tickets in an order with more than 1 ticket.

2. Contact the event organizer.

Tap the “three-dot menu” (top-right) to share your ticket, add to Apple Wallet, contact the organizer, or request a refund.

  • Cancel your order — You can cancel a registration for a free event on desktop (not in the app).

  • Request a refund — Select “Request a refund” to submit a refund request. If you do not see this option or have additional questions about the event, use “Contact Organizer” instead.

3. View and edit your Eventbrite profile.

Tap the “person” icon (in the footer) to view and update the following:

  • Your profile image, first name, and last name — you can change your account email address and password on desktop (not in the app).

  • Notification center — Manage updates from organizers you follow, registered events, and reminders. • Settings — Set your Primary City, toggle the “Calendar Sync” option, and Manage events (download Eventbrite Organizer to manage events).

  • Support — Visit the Help Center or suggest app improvements.

  • About — See the version of the app you’re using and reference information like the Eventbrite Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Cookie Statement, and other acknowledgements.

  • Logout — Log out of the app. You’ll need to log back into the app for a tailored experience and to access ticket information for registered events.

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