Murray Bookchin #100: TRISE 2021 Conference

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Join the next TRISE conference dedicated to the legacy of Bookchin and the future of social ecology !

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2021 marks the 100 years anniversary of the birth of Murray Bookchin (1921 – 2006), founding theorist of social ecology and one of the most profound thinkers of the 20th century. His thought, always political and directed towards radical social change, has influenced both urban and rural social movements around the world, including one of the most significant emancipatory experiences of our time – the social revolution in Rojava.

Through the 20 books and numerous pamphlets he wrote, Bookchin formulated the thesis that domination of nature is a consequence of the exploitation of humans by humans. He exposed how the destruction of the natural world, far from being a historical necessity, is a byproduct of social modes of organization based on hierarchies and domination within human societies.

Based on such diagnosis, Bookchin developed a revolutionary agenda aiming to provide an alternative to a self-destructive capitalism. He dedicated most of his life promoting a radical transformation of society, towards a “communal society oriented towards human needs, responding to ecological imperatives, and developing a new ethics based on sharing and cooperation”.

In this historic moment, marked by a deepening of the crisis of capitalism and raising hopes and demands for a better future, the ideas of social ecology have much to offer to the citizens looking for an utopian vision and a radical path towards an ecological and democratic society.

On this occasion, TRISE organizes an International Online Conference that will include a series of discussions/presentations in commemoration of and in dialogue with Bookchin’s legacy. The aim of this conference is to pay a tribute to the founder of social ecology and to further develop this body of work.

The program gathers citizens, researchers and activists whose interventions will adress one of the following themes and categories:

1. Political Practice & Activism

In these sessions, the panelists will explore Bookchin‘s relations to social movements, lifestyle activism, traditional ideologies, and concrete practices related to social ecology.

2. Libertarian Municipalism

In these sessions, the panelists will explore Bookchin‘s political proposals and ideas on direct democracy, popular assemblies, municipalism & confederalism.

3. Nature & Ecology

In these sessions, the panelists will explore Bookchin‘s view on the ecological crises, the relation to deep ecology and enviromentalism, and reflections on dialectical naturalism and ecological humanism.

4. Future Research

In this session, the panelists will explore on the possible future lines of inquire that social ecologists should explore and develop, how a social ecology research methodology should look like, etc.

5. Book Presentation

In this final session of the conference, editors and authors will present the latest books on social ecology, communalism and direct democracy.

Let’s make this year an opportunity to spread even further Bookchin’s ideas and social ecology in our local communities worldwide!




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Organizer Transnational Institute of Social Ecology (TRISE)

Organizer of Murray Bookchin #100: TRISE 2021 Conference

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