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HUONE Events Hotel Jätkäsaari

16 Länsisatamankatu

00180 Helsinki


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Ticket sales have ended
Oops, it seems that it took a bit too long for you to fill this information. Perhaps you got distracted by other things. Unfortunately, now you have to start again...
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How to use Communication to amplify the natural power of strategic empathy, kindness and compassion in business and leadership?

About this Event

This two-day Green BootCamp is the first module of Green Elephant's Conscious Communication Journey - also playfully called "The Jedi Journey".

"I’ve always wanted to see a more conscientious and fair approach towards communication to reach professionals and companies. Green Elephant did really achieve that."

Edoardo Montenegro - Founding Partner at Betwyll Srl, cofounder at Associazione Culturale Twitteratura, Change Management at Intesa Sanpaolo.

What do you learn?

During these 2 days you learn a new “universal” language, which will allow collective intelligence to play out even across linguistic, cultural and other diversity barriers. You learn how to have meaningful and often crucial conversations to avoid misunderstandings and help resolve conflicts to achieve more together than we ever could alone.

In this module you will learn for example how to:

  • Use 8 Green Verbal Techniques such as #Open Questions and #Mirroring to help you to connect and understand others.
  • Use 6 Green Non-Verbal Behaviours such as #Body Language and #Timing to align your communication to be more influential and build trust.
  • Be aware of the 6 Green intentions such as #Empathy and #Respect to build a culture of teamwork and cultivate conscious relations with others.

How is this done?

We use learner-centred Flipped Learning which means that all theory content will be studied online, outside of the workshops.

In a flipped pedagogy, you watch online lectures, collaborate in online conversations and reflection with the guidance of Green Elephant coaches before the workshops.

The face2face workshops focuses fully on implementing these communication skill into action with, roleplays, pair exercises, group dialogue and individual reflection.

You get support after the workshops to grow these new skill into habits by online activations and personal coaching.

What is included in this BootCamp?

  • Online learning materials

You get access to all GBR online theory materials, which is total 3-4 hours of videos, questionnaires and guided reflection.

  • Access to Online Classroom

In this online classroom (Howspace) you'll get additional learning materials and you collaborate in online conversations with the other participants and Green Elephant coaches.

  • Pre-evaluation

Questionnaire to map your individual starting point and learning objectives.

  • Two-day interactive workshop

These two 6h workshops are hosted by two Green Elephant's coaches. The main language in the Workshops is English but you can use Finnish in the exercises and pair reflections. Workshops includes Asian buffet lunch and coffee/tea all day.

  • Printed GBR Manuals

All key information is collected into an easy-to-use manual that you can use later in your work.

  • Online "personal trainer" activation

In order for these new skills to grow into beneficial habits, you are supported after the workshops with online activations, reminders and challenges to really start using Conscious Communication in your daily work.

  • Online Coaching session

Each module includes one personal coaching session with a Green Elephant coach. In this session you can ask questions, get help to prepare an important communication situation or debrief a situation that you need clarity on.

  • Impact evaluation

Questionnaire to evaluate the learning impact after independent practise time to see how you reached the set objectives.

  • Green Force - Qualification

After you have completed all required learning objectives, you will qualify as a "Green Jedi" and you qualify to join the next learning modules and you are welcome into Green Elephant's Alumni Community.

How is this any different to other corporate communication trainings?

  • We are not boring.

This means that there are no tedious theory sessions. You'll study the theory in your own time before the workshop with high-quality online videos. In the workshop, you'll learn in an engaging and energising hands-on way, not just by listening. Our trainers educate and entertain at the same time!

  • We use only behavioural models - not personality models.

We don’t put people in a box. You always have the freedom to choose the way you behave and communicate.

  • We use action-learning.

Everything you learn can be implemented instantly in your daily work and personal life, with a “personal-trainer” like approach after the trainings through email activations.

  • We are ethically and psychologically safe

This means that our team develops, customises and delivers training and coaching covering the widest range of communication expertise in the industry. The core is the psychological and emotional safety of the participants so that they can to learn how to deal with even tricky and difficult topics.

Who is this for?

While conscious communication can benefit everyone, it will probably most resonate with TEAL organisations and those that embrace philosophies such as Agile, Lean and Sociocracy 3.0.

If you’re interested in cultivating a growth mindset in your company and want to make a change towards self-management, this is for you!

We bring conscious communication tools and templates, inspirational examples and technical training in the GreenBlueRed® framework to:

Leaders, Sales Agents, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Investors, Negotiators, Politicians, Conflict Mediators, Facilitators, Coaches, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches, Hosts, Harvesters, Care-givers, Therapists and Consultants.

Who are we?

Green Elephant was founded on the belief that a better future can only be achieved through better communication. To do this we need to upgrade the quality of our exchanges, to make our communication more effective and respectful.

We believe this can be achieved by empowering driven individuals and organisations with the right tools and techniques, which they can use to benefit from the collective intelligence of their communities. Our practices are based on the GreenBlueRed® framework and designed to enable meaningful conversations, both online and face-to-face.

The Venue - Huone Jätkänsaari (or Kamppi)

Länsisatamankatu 16 (or Malminkatu 30)

Probably the most inspiring meeting rooms in the centre of Helsinki! These spaces help teams to think differently.

You have an easy access to Huone:

  • By metro: 10 min walk from Ruoholahti station
  • By tram: 8 & 9 takes you right to the door
  • By car: paying parking in their own parking lot

Depending on the size of the group, the venue can also be in Kamppi, Malminkatu 30. We will inform you ahead of time if there are any changes to the Venue.

Next steps - The Jedi Journey

"As a consultant, this online theory with the corporate Jedi Learning Journey was the most inspiring and useful training I have ever attended. I could apply some of the techniques the next day and I could immediately measure its impact with my colleagues and clients."

Marcio Soriano - Design Lead, Digital McKinsey at McKinsey & Co.

The broader Conscious Communication training package, playfully called as Jedi Journey, consists of several independent modules that you can book tickets to. As the modules will build your Conscious Communication skills gradually, like Jedi Forces , there is an order how to take this Learning Journey. You will start from this Green BootCamp. This module is mandatory and needs to be completed before qualifying to the Blue BootCamp. After these you can choose which Red ones are relevant to you.

  • Green BootCamp
  • Blue BootCamp
  • Red Conflict BootCamp
  • Red Sales BootCamp
  • Red Crucial Conversations for Leaders
  • Red Projectmanagement BootCamp

If you are interested in multiple tickets or custom made Jedi Journeys for your organisation, please contact us directly for further conversations.

Anu Timmerbacka 040 7027608

Date and Time


HUONE Events Hotel Jätkäsaari

16 Länsisatamankatu

00180 Helsinki


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