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Amazing Agile HR Afternoon - Agile HR Portfolio Game

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This Amazing Agile HR Afternoon is just the right thing if you are looking to lead your HR operations in a more resilient and adaptive way.

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How can you simultaneously get a lot of things done, help the HR team feel in control of their work and have the ability to react if changes are needed?

This Amazing Agile HR Afternoon is just the right thing if you are looking to lead your HR operations in a more resilient and adaptive way. This is a Taster workshop offered to HR leaders, Business HR partners and senior HR professionals who want to get ideas of how to visualise all work in the HR team and adopt an adaptive planning cadence for leading HR operations.

In this Amazing Agile HR Afternoon taster session you will …

Dive right into a scenario! You are an HR Portfolio team, you are leading the value delivery of 10 HR professionals. You have to prioritise ongoing HR operations with 15 projects, and everything should be finished in a year… How will you handle the simulated surprises and decision making points?

  • In a group of 5 participants lead the HR operations of a hypothetical HR team.
  • Prioritise the HR team’s portfolio of work through four quarters.
  • React to surprises along the way, reprioritising the portfolio.
  • Making decisions on how to plan the flow of work, agree on the capacity and team’s allocation to projects.
  • Learn to use Miro, the game is run on a Miro board, which is a great collaborative tool for virtual teams. (prepare to log in by yourself, in a calm and undisturbed environment, on a computer, so that you can use the mouse and your keyboard)
  • Work in Zoom breakout rooms in your group.
  • Connect with global peers, sharing insights and reflections.

The simulation is easy, and the portfolio is simplified. We are creating a psychologically safe environment, where it is safe to try and safe to learn. You can’t actually fail in the simulation, you can just learn from the decisions made along the way.

In the beginning of the session we will:

  • Assign you to a group of 5 people
  • Signpost the simulation (rules, timeboxes, how to use the tools)

Thereafter the 5 person team is ready to work with these instructions throughout the session. Please notice that you cannot join the simulation if you join the session late. If you join late, you missed the signposting and introductions to your team, and you can only observe the whole simulation.

Why is Agile HR portfolio management important?

Do you recognise some of the usual pain points in HR? Here’s how Agile portfolio management helps us lead an Agile HR Strategy.

  • Operations trumping strategic initiatives. Do you feel that the focus on strategic HR themes is decreasing in HR due to constantly prioritising the operative work? Agile Portfolio management helps us create an overview of the situation with evidence and metrics.
  • Too much ongoing work in progress simultaneously. Working on tens of initiatives has a huge context switching cost, in fact teams can loose up to 70% of their performance in continuously changing focus. When working in an agile way, we say “stop starting, start finishing”. Portfolio management helps with allocating the HR teams’ capacity, focusing on delivering the work with highest value and negotiating with the business what should be delivered and when (also saying “no” or “not now”).
  • Changing requirements. If you set a plan in the beginning of the year 2021, how long do you think you can actually trust that plan? Defining HR operations according to an annual plan actually sounds quite naive nowadays. We are facing continuous disruption, external changes, and our internal customers and leaders are also requesting us to react to urgencies. Agile Portfolio management enables the HR teams and leaders to continuously update their priorities, stay on track with the progress and have full transparency across all work in HR. The HR team and your stakeholders will feel more in control of the inevitable changes through the transparency and structure.
  • Moving from reactive to proactive and value driven. Do you feel that the business is asking for everything right now, having very little clue of what HR is actually working on? With a managed portfolio the HR leaders can have very business focused conversations with their business counterparts, making the HR work transparent and negotiating capacity allocation to different business units’ requests. “If you would like this to be added into Q2, we have to remove something of equal capacity from Q2”. It’s as simple as that. Weighing initiatives against each other is much easier with an overview of the effects and dependencies.

This taster workshop will give you an idea what leading the HR operations through a portfolio is about. You will in a safe setting work through a scenario based game, making decisions and prioritising a hypothetical portfolio. It’s a fast paced simulation, where you won’t be able to overanalyse. Decisions, decisions, decisions… !

What is a taster workshop for?

  • Practical with ideas and tools to take away for immediate use
  • Energetic and fun - the game is on for 2 hours, only thereafter we will stop for reflections!
  • Learning through an experience - creates strong connections and lasting memories in your brain.
  • This taster is an introduction to the domain - this will give you inspiration to learn more!

P.S. This engaging workshop can be offered for in-house HR teams, too. What a fun way to engage in prioritising own work! Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Who Should Join?

Senior HR professionals, HR Business Partners, HR leaders from any size of companies, HR program managers, HR project managers. (5 + years of HR experience). To keep the speed and conversation on the correct level of seniority, we do not recommend this workshop for HR professionals in their first years of their career.

Why attend?

  • Learn in a fun way, together with peers, in a simulation designed by a global Agile HR though leader.
  • On the spot ideas on how Agile can help you manage a continuously changing situation.
  • Leave the overanalysing outside the room, and dive into an experience without too much judgement.
  • Connect with global peers and share insights.
  • Let it sink in after the session and start learning more about Agile HR and Agile HR strategy and portfolio.


Riina Hellström is the Founder of Agile HR Community, an Enterprise Agile Coach and one of the true Agile HR pioneers. She’s held CHRO and HR Director positions in listed companies. She is an Agile transformation leader working with global multinationals, national public sector entities and regional mid-sized companies.

She has trained thousands of people in Agile HR, Agile management, Product Ownership in the non-IT context and Scrum Masters in the non-IT context. She has been working with HR teams and executive teams, defining their Agile operating model and tailoring the approaches in different industries and business situations.

Riina has recently co-authored the book Agile HR - Deliver value in the changing world of work. With a strong skillset in leading agile operations, she can navigate the most complex operative environments, bringing structure, creating clarity and establishing focus on delivering value, continuously improving and cutting waste.

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Terms and conditions:

Tickets are paid through Eventbrite.

We have a limited number of seats available.

  • Cancellations, refunds or changing to another participant is not possible.
  • Please do respect that we can only offer this kind of affordable tickets without the operative cost attached to changes/refunds. The risk of cancellations, illness or other priorities is with you as a participant.
  • We will be letting people into the session 10 minutes before the session starts. Please be on time. Late joiners will miss the interactive part and can only observe the remainder of the session.
  • Late joiners can not participate interactively in the simulation. A late joiner can only be an observer not to disrupt the teamwork.
  • The taster session is a live experience. The session recording is not shared outside Agile HR Community, and not shared with participants or registrants. The recording is used simply for training and quality purposes.
  • Agile HR Community will send you information about this event to your email and add your email to our monthly MailChimp newsletter (no spam, you can always say opt out). See our privacy policy.
  • The simulation and game is copyrighted property of Agile HR Community and shall not be copied, used, modified or shared by the participants elsewhere.

What is Agile HR?

Transforming the fundamental principles of HR into People Operations leading Agile, digital, and networked organisations. Agile HR aims to build a shared value between your customer, business, and people by:

  • Mindset - Embracing the Agile mindset within Human Resources and people practices to incrementally deliver value to your customer.
  • Co-Create - Applying Agile techniques, like Scrum and Kanban, to self-organise, experiment, and co-create directly with your people.
  • Human-centric - Building awesome, people-friendly workplace practices that are validated by users
  • Evidence-based - Evidence-based decision making that delivers customer value through data, people analytics, and insight.
  • Agile Transformation & Leadership - Consulting on Agile and digital organisational transformation, and coaching leaders
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Online event

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AgileHR transforms the fundamental principles of HR into People Operations leading agile, digital and networked organisations. AgileHR builds a shared value within organisations between the customer, business and people. By applying...

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  • A deliberate move away from HR ‘best practice’ and blueprinting one-size-fits-all solutions
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  • Agile work practices, like Scrum and Kanban, to get things done
  • Design principles to develop people practices and solutions with great user experience

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