2nd Annual RENT Abstract Writing Workshop

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2nd Annual RENT Abstract Writing Workshop

This interactive workshop offers support on writing an abstract to RENT Conference to be organised in Gdansk on 15-17 November 2023.


When and where

Date and time

Tue, 18 Apr 2023 05:00 - 07:30 PDT



About this event

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Mobile eTicket

Do you want to submit to RENT in Gdansk this year? And have you…

  • already planned to submit, but need some feedback (especially if it is one of the first times that you submit to the RENT)?
  • considered a submission, but are not sure whether your work is a good fit for the RENT?
  • have a first draft or sketch of your submission and want to further work on it with your peers?

If any of these conditions apply to you, join us for this year’s Abstract Writing Workshop! Together, we will meet online via Zoom and first, get some tips from experienced ECSB members to improve the chances of our submission. While this provides a good point to get started, the majority of this workshop will be spent writing the abstract, getting and giving feedback and jointly reflecting our writing process with support from experienced advisors.

With this interactive workshop, we aim to contribute to high-quality submissions of extended abstracts for the RENT and, from an individual participant’s perspective, we will actually get (most) of the writing done. This workshop entails:

  • Expert’s advice on abstract writing for the RENT
  • Working individually on your writing
  • Reflecting together in small groups
  • Giving and receiving feedback from experienced advisors
  • Discuss challenges with experts and colleagues

This means that this is an actual workshop in which you will actually work on your own abstracts. To get the most out of this, please prepare a draft version of your abstract beforehand. This can be a rough sketch in bullet points, but bring along a version that you can further work on.



Let’s get the abstract writing done together!


This workshop is organized as a joint initiative from several ECSB country vice presidents, represented by:

  • Verena Meyer (ECSB country VP for Germany)
  • Renata Osowska (ECSB country VP for UK)
  • Jarmila Šebestová (ECSB country VP for Czech Republic)
  • Pekka Stenholm (ECSB country VP for Finland)


Participation is free, but a registration is required by 11 April 2023. The registered participants will receive a link to a brief survey, providing us with some information to ensure efficient group work, and a Zoom link to join the meeting.

Contact person

Verena Meyer (verena.meyer(at)leuphana.de)

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