Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Collection by Eventbrite
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.
Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Self-care: virtual wellness, yoga & fitness events
Collection by Eventbrite
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.
Relax, recuperate, or break a sweat with this Collection of online wellness events that focus on mental and physical health. Eventbrite’s experts have found soothing guided meditations, stress management workshops, and yoga classes where you can find your flow with a group virtually.

Join world-renowned Indian activist and author Vandana Shiva and other amazing teachers for an event all about food justice. Explore how what you eats affects the earth, what to buy at the grocery store to save the environment and topics from Ayurvedic cooking to women and food.

Shake it up with a class that combines dance, barre, and HIIT (high intensity interval training) from the comfort of home. This ticket takes you through June, giving you an outlet for fitness and community.

If you like your yoga class to be spiritual (not just a workout) these classes are for you. You'll be lead in chanting, breathwork, meditation, yoga poses, and have time for contemplation. Connect with your deeper self and the world around you through this practice.

If you're short on time to prioritize your wellbeing, this quick 30-minute guided meditation session can help. Instructor Christina Tasooji will show you how to calm your mind, relax your body, and develop more compassion for all.

Heard of Qigong? This mind-body practice involves movement, breathwork, and mental focus. Start this session with a breathing exercise before you get into movements that give attention to posture, alignment, and breath.

Build core and arm strength while increasing joint mobility in this vigorous-yet-accessible yoga practice, which is suitable for folks of all experience levels.

Join young people around the world who are concerned for mother earth and passionate about trying to create good. Structured as a "talking circle" in the tradition of Indigenous Native Americans, you'll get a chance to share climate concerns and listen whole-heartedly to others.

People have been writing poetry for thousands of years. Here's your chance to try your hand at it (literally) and study a handful of modern and contemporary poets.

London-based drag superstar Dolly Trolley will get your blood pumping with a campy aerobics workout and your abs sore from laughing.

Receive healing energy designed specifically for you and others attending and learn more about the ancient art of reiki during this virtual session with Danielle Stimpson, who builds a custom crystal grid for each group.

Prioritize your own strength in body, mind, and spirit during this online yoga class series, which is all about empowerment through breath and movement.

Being a teen is tough, but mindfulness can help. Tweens or teens can explore breathwork and a guided meditation during this class, which focuses on techniques for calming the body and mind.

This one's for the mommas-to-be! Nourish your body, mind, and spirit while preparing for your little one's arrival in this online yoga class. You'll practice gentle stretches and controlled breathing that give a massaging effect to muscles, nerves, and deeper internal organs.

Persons who identify at Black or African American are welcome to join this de-stressing session in a safe space, where you'll learn powerful breathing techniques that can help manage stress and address trauma.

Want to meditate but just can't seem to do it on your own? This event series is the answer, allowing you to log on and meditate with others, accompanied by instruction. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome!

Fostering a daily yoga practice can be life-changing, but establish a routine can be difficult — no matter where you're at in life. This daily event is your invitation to hit the mat with other, learning about a variety of different yoga practices and styles.

During this challenging time on the planet, this free online class allows you to find space for an energetic tune-up. Take part in guided breathing and meditation that can help you feel grounded and whole.

This workshop will teach you all about EFT — "emotional freedom technique" — and it's self-acupressure methodology, which involves tapping on specific points on your body to calm your nerves and find balance between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Deepen your understanding of yoga with this class devoted to the ancient yogic text, The Bhagavad Gita. The weekly gathering features chanting, meditation, contemplation, and discussion — all overseen by an experienced yoga educator.

Bringing good energy and joy into your life by attending this vibrant workshop devoted to dance and meditation. You'll groove your body, you mind, and your spirit.

Can a regular face yoga practice reduce wrinkles, jaw pain and help you relax? You can see for yourself during this 45-minute class, which will have you contort your face while exploring breath practice, neck and shoulder exercises, and acupressure points.

Maximize your creativity during this virtual hang, where a non-judgmental group of people gathers to kick back, have fun, and improvise. A leader will guide you through exercises built to stir curiosity and quick thinking, reinforcing the group's motto: "You Can't Do it Wrong."

Zero dance experience is required for this Zumba class — and you can easily drop in from home. If you ever wanted to try this workout, set to salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton beats — here's your chance.

Yoga nidra is yogic sleep, but rather than totally dozing off, you enter a meditative state that's deeply relaxing. Join this practice and learn how to rest and recharge through a guided meditation — it's an evening class, so you can go to bed afterwards.

Moms need a timeout more than anyway, especially lately. Take an hour for yourself to rest your mind and recharge your spirit with this free meditation class.

Find ease within the mind, body and spirit during a monthly sound bath featuring singing bowls, gongs, and bells. If you feel your eyelids getting heavy during these session, that's a feature, not a bug — this sound bath can prepare you for a deep sleep.

Sitting out this class is actually a good thing. You will literally do these aerobics, dance, and strength and balance moves in a chair — from home — with people from all fitness levels welcome.

In this session based on principles of kinesiology, mindfulness, and self-love, learn to move your body while respecting its limitations as you work toward the goal of greater balance and stability.

Take your yoga practice to the next level in a workshop curated to meet your need! This two-hour workshop combining yoga movement, meditation, an opening circle, the sharing of poems, and time for discussion. Expect a welcoming space that feeds off the energy of the community.

Take some time out of your Friday night to relax and heal. This class brings together gentle poses, breathwork, meditation, and 20 minutes of reiki — and you can do it all in your apartment.

The world is a noisy place, so why not give yourself a break? This weekly practice of silence, journaling, and mindfulness is led by a meditation teacher and therapist — and it's almost as good as a retreat in the woods away from it all.

Gather with other women and gender-expansive individuals for yoga and healing that's trauma-informed, nourishing, and empowering. This space is about tuning into your body and community, allowing the good vibes of the group to lift you up.

Join the sound-healing duo Dynasty Electrik for an online sound bath complete with gongs, chimes, theremin, and crystal singing bowls. Participants will also take part in an astrology meditation, in observance of the arrival of Leo season.

Inner peace isn't guaranteed, but this guided meditation practice offers a way to learn the basics from a season teacher. It's a class that's great for beginners as well as experienced practitioners who want to get re-grounded.

The only thing more fun and relaxing than yoga is practicing it with your pets. This class makes time for bonding with your furry friend, who might already be a regular presence during your time on the mat. Make some memories while you stretch and calm the mind.

Join esteemed Buddhist teacher and author Tara Brach for a mini-retreat focusing on befriending yourself. Explore meditation, journaling, discussion, and time for questions with Tara as you learn how to hold yourself with compassion and grace.

Come breathe, be in community, and heal. This practice for Black women includes a brief discussion and a guided breathwork session to clear the mind and raise positive energy in the body.

Join BIPOC yogis in an online class that's just for you. This session focuses on flowing from posture to posture, breath work, strength, flexibility and — most importantly — feeling at home in your skin.

Laughter Yoga is a mix of laughing and breathing exercises. It's not "yoga" in the traditional sense, so don't expect any downward dogs. Instead, you'll enjoy playful laughter exercises and deep breathing techniques.

Bring the carnival — and workout — into your home. This fun dance workout class is set to the rhythm of Afrobeats, Caribbean-SOCA, and Dancehall music.

Why work with one energy practitioner when you could work with a quintet of healers? This monthly workshop brings together five practitioners of different modalities, allowing participants to take part in a group healing session

Go back to the basics or learn them for the first time in this safe, helpful yoga class. You'll explore poses, breathwork, and theory you need to enjoy a class with others or practice at home. Clear up yoga confusion by workshopping common postures and reviewing terminology.

Dealing with anxiety? Get into some deep healing and learn to love your inner child! This work combines meditation, mindfulness and other tools to help us befriend ourselves.

Bring a snack, and a smile, when you join this self-care series for Black and brown women and their family and friends. Topics include mindfulness, identity, and physical health care—with the opportunity to make your own toolkit.

Join this joyful and gentle yoga flow created specifically for Black bodies. Spend time in a supportive community and engage in mindful movement as you stretch, breathe, and flow.

Have you tried QiGong? This practice of movement, energy, breath and visualization helps you drop stress and reset the nervous system. It's an awesome way to end the weekend or start the new week ahead.

Some claim that the ancient language of Sanskirt carries healing vibrations. During this event, you'll be guided through recitations of text from the "Yoga Sutra," learning more about traditions as you chant.

Combining yoga, tai chi, reiki, and other wellness practices, movement provider Issa Rae helps participants move their bodies while finding flexibility, strength, and energy.

Explore parts of the yoga path that are not always covered in a typical class. You'll learn how mudras (hand positions) and chanting can connect us to different elements in the outer world and inside ourselves.

Grief can feel like an all-encompassing experience, but through movement, breathwork, and meditation you can experience these feelings differently and, eventually, travel through them. This space offers discussion, journaling, and other techniques for bravely confronting grief.

Share the benefits of meditation with the next generation — from gaining more focus to letting go of frustration. This workshop offers an interactive way to learn about kids meditation, with an experienced teacher sharing visualization and breathing techniques tailored to kids.

Join a virtual ritual to honor summer solstice. Connect more deeply to yourself, the natural world, and mark the passage of time amid the modern rush. After a community check in, you'll learn about recipes and herbal medicines that can be crafted during the summer.

An organized space can lead to a calmer mind, but how do we accomplish this? If you've read Marie Kondo and but need minimalism support, this event is for you. Chat with others working to lighten their material load, troubleshoot, and let go of clutter for good.

Learn about yoga's sister science, ayurveda, and gain tools for balancing the mind, body, and spirit through food. This four-class series provides you with recipes and reading materials that will help nourish your body and your mind.

Restorative yoga offers a slower practice in which you hold shapes for several minutes while being led in breathwork and meditation. If you deal with stress, this class offers tools that can help it drop away — including a deep "yogic sleep" meditation.

Calm the mind and open the heart with mindful drawing. You'll begin with a few gentle yoga stretches, then will get a lesson on accessible drawing techniques before diving into an act of creation that allows you to look more closely at the world around you.

Relax the body and sharpen the mind with this workshop devoted to kundalini yoga, a style that incorporates breathwork and energetic movement to reduce stress and tension.

Yoga is for all bodies. Combining mindful movement, breathwork, and adapted postures for a well-rounded yoga experience from a wheelchair or other chair, this class is taught by a registered and accessible yoga teacher.

Join this weekly workout to build confidence and aid your mental health. Through discussion, in-class exercises, and journaling you'll learn how to feel your own greatness and attract what you want by being all that you are.

Drop into this session for information on how to use poetry as a tool for healing and how to build a safe space for self-care. If you need more support, it's also okay to contact a mental health provider.

Representation matters, and so does good literature. Join this book club for disabled folks, which meets on the second Monday of each month to discuss books that feature disabled representation.

Bring your anxiety to yoga class in a safe, welcoming practice space. Move through breathwork and postures meant to both sooth and empower you on Wednesday nights, providing much-needed medicine to get you through the week.

You'll never have to leave the ground (or the bed, or the couch) during this relaxing yoga class that focuses on building strength and flexibility. It's perfect for those who are easing back into a yoga practice, or anyone looking for a simple way to start.

Want to learn about Tarot while connecting to your intuition? Each week you'll focus on a new card and will explore your own relationship with this mystical divination practice.

Goodnight sweet world. If you're having trouble sleeping (who isn't) this class will help you unwind the natural way with breathwork and meditation. A true game-changing event.

If you're already doing yoga in your living room, joining this weekly class may help you perfect your technique. During this class, you'll build strength through active movement and static poses — all while practicing with other virtual participants.

Try a different kind of yoga, during this class devoted to Kriya, which can help you explore and unstick energetic blocks through movement, breathwork, and meditation. Open to all, this is not a class you'll find at the gym, but one that could really help your energy flow.

In this writing and healing workshop you'll learn how to use poetry to help yourself heal as youshare your stories with other. Come to this class prepared to write some prose and tap into your inner muse.

Trauma gets a lot of press these days, but sometimes it's hard to know how to physically release it. This workshop will teach you more about how yoga and trauma intersect, guiding you through a practice filled with tools that you can take with you.

Doodling isn't just for bored school kids — it can also be a calming activity for adults. Come play on the page as part of this small class and learn new tools for stress-relief and mental health as you create some scribbles.

The new moon signals a good time to reset personal intentions and find healing community. Relax, journal, and meditate while listening to singing bowls and gongs during this gathering presented by Mount Shasta Community, a hub of yoga, nature healing, and meditation.

Use creativity as a portal to a juicy summer. You'll meditate, explore gentle movement, and then transition into an art-making session in honor of the seasonal shifts. Led by two art therapists, this is for everyone, whether you refer to yourself as an "artist" or not.

Settle in for 90 minutes of guided meditation and visualization during this online workshop, which helps attendees challenge their doubts and tap into the hopes, goals, and dreams they've been building.

Movement, even outwardly simple movement, is the key to maintaining mental and physical health. Basic Tai Chi skills can promote balance, calmness, and mental focus. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Tai Chi in this twice-weekly class.

Tap into the power of your breath in this biweekly event dedicated to guided breath work. You'll learn how to use active meditation and a conscious connected breathing pattern to relax your mind and energize your body.

If you're feeling a lot of heaviness lately, you're not alone. This event is all about using meditation and reiki for an energy reset, for yourself, loved ones, and the planet we call home.

Gather with a group of like-minded folks for a discussion of a different topic during each session of this storytelling (and listening!) group. Participants can join a community that embraces the healing power of sharing personal stories.

Welcome the arrival of summer with a ritual that explores healing through sound. Lay back and relax or create a "meditation nest" with pillows, then enjoy the sound of singing bowls, gongs and other instruments meant to help you balance your nervous system and clear the mind.

Soothe yourself to proper sleep with a gong and sound bath for bed. Offered twice a month, this event is designed to activate your rest-and-digest nervous system through sound meditation. Best with headphones — plug in, lay back and rest on a new level.

Lay back and receive the healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls and engage in guided breathwork.All led by a teacher who's trained in India and is passionate about making yoga spaces inclusive.

Looking at screens all day can be hard on our eyes. Join this session to explore "eye yoga" practices that can help prevent or treat strain, as you learn how to rest your eyes and all the muscles they're connected to.

Black Muslim women can gain access to heart-centered practices and "teachings rooted in a rich Islamic spiritual heritage" at these gatherings that include Qur'an recitation, breathing exercises, and time to share and hold space for others in attendance.

Offered monthly, this class offers up a nourishing yoga class built on the belief that practicing with others is part of the key to healing.

Shift the energy of your home or office (or both!) and change your life. You'll learn the basics of the ancient art of feng shui, allowing you to give your environment an energetic interior design upgrade.

Turn your most difficult times into something beautiful through this poetry class. Award-winning author Vironika Wilde guided attendees through the process of writing something from a place of personal resonance — no experience necessary.

Join this workshop to make time for art that soothes your mind and soul. This class is open to anyone who wants to explore a new form of expression by embracing their creative side.

Join other mothers for an hour-long healing circle of poetry, writing, meditation, and sound healing. Find your voice, honor your deepest self, and ignite a creative spark through free writes, shares, meditation, and a healing "closing of the circle" moment.

Get your home's energy right! And see how it shifts your inner world, too. This workshop teaches the art of making a harmonious home via feng shui, helping you build a space that's both functional and soul-nourishing.

Tune into silence and language during this gathering, which begins with a guided meditation session. Once you're centered, you'll take part in a generative writing session where you'll get some new words on the page. No writing experience needed, just an open mind and heart.

The vagus nerve is behind a lot of the anxiety we feel, and this workshop is dedicated to working with it for stress relief. Learn breathwork, stretching, and strengthening exercises before exploring sound healing and meditation — all in the name of a more resilient vagus nerve.

Dive into Human Design, a practice that combines astrology, the I Ching, chakras, and more. Offering another way to explore self-knowledge, this interactive workshop will introduce this method of spiritual awareness and self-discovery.

Losing a pet can be a pain like no other, but this event can help you make progress as you grieve. Meeting monthly, you'll gain a support system and tools to navigate a difficult loss.

Tap into the energy of the new moon and set intentions for the month ahead in this guided journaling circle. These sessions help you amplify the power of your own intuition and creativity with the support of a likeminded community.

What's the story your spirit wants to tell? In this monthly online gathering, get inspired and learn craft techniques for writing your authentic story.

Are you out there doing your own thing? The entrepreneurial life is one of work and stress, but you can learn how to prioritize mental wellness in your business with tools, strategies, and discussion. This class is perfect for self-starters or small business owners.

Join an art therapist for an introductory workshop that shows you how to channel the process of creation into a habit that helps your overall wellness. Just bring along some art-making materials of your choice and prepare to express yourself.

If you want more light in your life, then you have to face the dark. Learn how to confront self-sabotage with love and compassion, guided by a mystic witch and author. You'll learn tools you can use right away to find the wisdom in the shadowy parts of yourself.

Are you a Black woman who is trying to improve your health and heal your body? This global group gathers to discuss a variety of topics and lifestyle changes, including hormonal health, fibroid elimination, yogic practice, gut health, and more.