Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
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Spice up your kitchen with these online cooking and mixology classes, webinars, and history lessons. Whether you want to make pasta from scratch or perfectly pair wine and cheese, we've got all the ingredients you need for an epic epicurean experience.
Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
Home Chefs: Virtual Food and Drink Events and Classes
Collection by Eventbrite
Spice up your kitchen with these online cooking and mixology classes, webinars, and history lessons. Whether you want to make pasta from scratch or perfectly pair wine and cheese, we've got all the ingredients you need for an epic epicurean experience.
Spice up your kitchen with these online cooking and mixology classes, webinars, and history lessons. Whether you want to make pasta from scratch or perfectly pair wine and cheese, we've got all the ingredients you need for an epic epicurean experience.

Learn through demonstrations the techniques required to wrap and cut the perfect Summer Roll, plus make a delicious sauce for dipping. The perfect dish as the weather begins to warm up!

Tasty vegetarian salads boast more than great greens. Tune in as a chef demonstrates how to make a flavorful quinoa and vegetable salad; black bean, tofu and miso salad; and potato broccoli salad.

Learn the secrets of souvlaki from a Greek couple in Athens, Greece. Grill traditional pork or chicken skewers, make tzatziki with Greek yoghurt, chop fresh vegetables to stuff your pita bread, and even master the right way to wrap it all up.

In this food history session, get the scoop on Renaissance artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli as you learn who moonlighted as a restauranteur, who advocated vegetarianism, and more. At the least, you'll be better prepared for your next trivia game.

In honor of Black History Month, chef Lana showcases her favorite Afro-Caribbean dish.

Learn to make a no-waste chocolate zucchini bread using the entire veggie, from stem to end. Top it off with homemade whipped butter and you have yourself the best Earth Day breakfast ever.

Join this live cooking classes, where you'll learn to make easy, delicious, Instagrammable Indian dishes. This beginner-friendly class focuses on samosa and chutney.

Your shiny personality isn't the only thing with layers. Learn to bake a tasty layer cake — including edible decorations — in this in-depth online session.

Join Chicago Magazine for this virtual dinner party-meets-cooking class, featuring chef Tim Flores of Kasama.

You can’t take an aperitivo tour of Florence right now, but you can deepen your understanding of Italian mixology with this class that explores the art of making the perfect Negroni, the history behind seasonal sparkling cocktails, and the Spritz’s place in Italian culture.

Make the recipes from this cookbook and celebrate the Japanese-Canadian intersection of Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre.

Pick up listed wines in advance and virtually tour the globe as you learn the art of tasting wine, how to (properly) pronounce words like terroir and sommelier.

Meal prepping won't go far if you don't know how to properly store your food. Let this nutritionist show you the way and reveal mistakes to avoid.

Learn your way around dishes that are commonly found in Thailand’s night markets with this chef-lead class, featuring dishes like Thai spiced beef rice and banana pancakes.

Tune into this virtual workshop to master the beloved Portuguese pastry: Pastéis de Nata.

Love fresh pasta? Miss Italy? Each fresh pasta making class is inspired by Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region and will be pulled from chef Patrizia's cookbook based on recipes passed down from her Florentine family.

Smitha Nair, MD, will lead this class all about cooking with turmeric and the health benefits of this beautiful golden spice. You’ll get a grocery list a week before the class, then walk through flavorful, simple dishes featuring turmeric.

Whether you're near or far from your mother, come together virtually and learn how to make mini chocolate heart-shaped cakes this Mother's Day. This free event comes with an Amazon shopping list for easy ingredient purchasing.

Up your challah game at this live baking session. You'll learn how to make multiple braids, unique glazes, and unusual seed finishes that will impress even the pickiest bubbe.

Learn how to make a savory ground meat and egg breakfast dish as well as almond and pine nut cake with the help of Reem Kassis, who will guide viewers on a journey through Arab-style cooking and culture.

Sarah Morgan runs Cooking with the First Ladies, with the goal to cook her way through all of the administrations. Sarah will discuss First Lady Rosalynn Carter and her favorite recipes, from Plains Georgia Cheese Ring to Peanut Butter Pie.

The Chicago Tribune honors some of this year's most prized restaurants, with a special spotlight on how they tackle takeout.

Make fresh herbs — whether bitter, pungent, sweet, or fresh — the star of the show. Join Milk Street Online Cooking School for an interactive class all about choosing, using, and transforming fresh herbs.

Food waste is estimated at between 30 to 40 percent of the US food supply, the US Department of Agriculture reports. Clearly, there is room for improvement — and the 25 lauded speakers at this event have some ideas.

For your next date night at home, why not fly to Cape Town? Cook along together at this virtual cooking class, where you'll learn to make South African chicken curry and tomato chutney.

One of spring’s most desirable ingredients is lamb. Put your cooking skills to the test and join Chef Vanessa Miller in the kitchen to learn how to treat this protein to get the best flavor and tenderness possible.

Join a fun and delicious night of making this El Salvadorian street-food staple. Pupusas are thick flatbreads made with masa (corn flour) stuffed with cheese, beans or meat then topped with tangy slaw. Your taste buds will be dancing!

Join Chef Jerry from his kitchen in The Bronx, where he will teach you step-by-step to make two traditional Puerto Rican dishes, Mofongo & Shrimp Empanadas. Both of these dishes can be adapted to vegetarian friendly versions.

French Macarons are tricky to bake, but certainly not impossible. This live Zoom class with an expert baker will give you all the tips and tricks you need to master these gluten-free delicacies, made with almond flour.

A summer peach crisp and peanut butter chocolate chip bars are just two items you can learn in this trio of online cooking classes for vegans. Drop in for one session, or take all three, and look out for the ingredient list and digital recipe book.

Bourbon-infused dishes are barbecue chef Will Whitfield's specialty and he'll show you how to make an entire meal that incorporates his favorite liquid during this streaming tutorial.

Kick off your weekend with this special cookbook release. Mixologist Charlotte Voisey leads a cocktail hour, which is followed by a cooking demo from author Jake Cohen with items like mushroom kasha varnishkes and Iraqi-style almond cookies.

The acclaimed author of "Zaitoun" returns with vibrant recipes and stories from the islands that bridge the Mediterranean & the Middle East.

Take a virtual trip to Mexico with a carefully selected tasting from the oldest distillery in Latin America. Tequila Specialist Will Hadjigeorgalis will guide you through the history and making of tequila before the guided tasting.

Learn more about Ethiopian food and its good-for-you properties in this weekday workshop.

Mother and daughter team Lyn and Tung Nguyen will show you how to wrap your own spring rolls and cook fish with mango-peppercorn sauce during this 75-minute Vietnamese cooking class.

Join famed dessert crafters Michel and Augustin for a Mother's Day edition of their monthly Baking 101 class.

How did Brooklyn become the world's sugar and coffee capital of the 20th century, and why were the two industries considered rivals? Learn how the Coffee and Sugar Kings of New York turned the city into today's global financial powerhouse.

These classic ornamental tea ceremony sweets from Japan look stunning, but are so easy to make. Supplies are included in the price and will be mailed to your home.

Go from clueless to wine aficionado at this interactive wine tasting webinar, where a sommelier will teach you some tricks on buying the best wine (at the best price) for your next party.

The online component for this hybrid virtual/in-person event offers presentations and workshops for women consumers and/or budding entrepreneurs by leading female chefs on such topics as farm tours, food justice, craft beverage trends, nutrition, foraging, and more.

Buy mom some groceries and treat her to an afternoon of new recipes with this Indian cooking class, where she'll learn how to make everything from butter chicken to mango lassi.

Tea tasting and wine tasting have something in common. Learn what that is—and more, including how to make the perfect cup—in this session, where you'll evaluate organic white, green, Oolong, black, and purple varieties. (If you register, the tea will be mailed.)

Navigate Moroccan spices and culinary techniques from the comfort of your own home kitchen. Make Moroccan chicken tagine with olives and preserved lemon, step up your couscous game, and learn how to spice vegetables perfectly.

What did NYC's ultra-rich eat, and how did that food define their reputations? Let a culinary historian guide you through the finest restaurants and real recipes of New York's Gilded Age.

Learn how some simple spices can change the way you cook during this 60-minute class that will teach you how to toast and blend a variety of spices, creating a custom mixture that can be used with a crispy chickpea dish.

This Hawaiian comfort food combines a burger, rice, gravy, and a fried egg, and can feed a family of four for less than $10. Learn how to make it at this free virtual class.

Join Chef Angela of Amore Kitchen to make two kinds of homemade pasta. No special equipment needed, just hands-on fun, along with some Italian language, as your kids make Pici (long ribboned pasta), gnocchi, and fresh marinara sauce.

Join Francophile and celebrated chef-author Susan Loomis, who leads participants in making a favorite French dish: Braised Spring Vegetables with Crispy Air-Cured Ham.

Whether you're curious about vegan cooking or ready to make the change in the new year, this mixer and vegan food presentation is a great way to learn how to eat well while staying healthy.

Kids and their families are welcome to try out a new recipe from a select cookbook, then come together virtually to eat, share the results, and meet new friends at this monthly cookbook club.

Malaysia’s Nyonya cuisine is a mixture of coastal Chinese food with rich Malay ingredients and warm spices. Join cooking teacher Linda Tay Esposito to make two dishes quintessential to Nyonya culture: Kapitan Chicken and Turmeric Sticky Rice.

Join one of Ireland’s leading chefs and TV personalities Brian McDermott live from his home kitchen in Donegal, Ireland, and learn all about the best ways to cook fish at home. You’ll receive recipes three days in advance to allow you to shop local.

Led by fermentation expert Karen Diggs, you’ll learn the magic of a self-brining ferment as you make a batch of Classic Sauerkraut. Then, you’ll learn how to make a brine, which will let you throw together a batch of Cultured Giardiniera.

If you love the subtle intricacies of wine tasting, you'll love the five different house-blended "wine teas" from this California-based tea house. Taste them all while learning what tea tasting and wine tasting have in common at this relaxing evening for people 21 and up.

Make a classic, delicious North Indian meal of chicken biryani, channa masala and an accompanying raita, which showcase how to use spices for maximum flavor. You’ll be guided through each step and end up with new skills and three satisfying dishes.

If food trivia is your thing, test your knowledge at this weekly event while you hobnob with fellow foodies and chefs.